An Excellent Choice for your Defense

Briteney was recommended to me by a mutual friend when I was arrested for a DUI. She made time for me right away for a consultation where I found her empathetic, understanding and incredibly helpful when it came to letting me know my options. She gave me all of the facts, gave advice when she could and answered my millions of questions as this was my first offense. 

After leaving her office, I felt a lot better having her by my legal side. She provided me with a clear list of action items and dates to get them done. When I sent emails with questions or updates during the process, Briteney always responded in a timely manner. 

Once the court proceedings began, I was nervous and out of my element. Briteney was as soothing as possible for those surroundings and would find moments to lighten the mood when it was just us yet she was always a true professional. She interacted very well with the judge and other lawyers in the courtroom. 

At my hearing Briteney truly showed up and showed all her potential in the courtroom. She was a force to be reckoned with! She was knowledgeable, she was quick to make arguments in response to the prosecution and she went in there with a focused determination. Her preparation for the hearing, her performance and her demeanor was superb and I really can't recommend her enough to anyone unlucky enough to find themselves in this situation. I ended up with a favorable deal and I know that wouldn't have happened without Briteney's help. Do yourself a favor and hire Briteney, she's worth every penny. Thank you again Briteney! 

– Anonymous