The BEST legal lifeline you can have!

Brit is simply the best! I hired Brit in connection for DUI, it was my first offense. I was scared, nervous and felt overwhelmed. When I say Brit is the best, I do not use that phrase lightly. Brit was amazing to say the least. She was the lifeline I needed. Trying to figure where to even start to navigate the seemly rocky waters of our legal system can be daunting. I feel extremely fortunate That I had Brit on my side. Right from our first meeting Brit put me at ease. She explained everything I needed to know in terms I could understand. In court, Brit spoke with a sense of confidence , eloquence , grace and sophistication. Brit's technical expertise is exceptional. She understands legal strategy at the highest level, is a masterful tactician and an artful negotiator. Brit worked tirelessly on behalf. She was always meticulously prepared for our meetings and Court. She definitely has a passion for her job. Every time we met, Brit always displayed a sense of positive energy. Brit loves her job, and this came through at all times. However, the one thing that stood out that makes her fantastic is her human touch. Brit never forgets she is dealing with a person, often scared and overwhelmed. The one word I would use to sum it all up is this, caring. Brit cares. She is a human being who cares to help out other human beings in moments of their greatest difficulty. I will never be able to adequately thank Brit for all that she did on my behalf. Simply said, she is the BEST!

– Anonymous