Amazing, hardworking, tough, and understanding lawyer.

Briteney Mercer helped me through an intensely difficult time in my life. She was tough, knowledgeable, candid and organized. But, she was also compassionate, non-judgmental, and easy to talk to. This was an embarrassing, painful event for me. I made a silly mistake and drove after consuming alcohol. I had never been in any kind of trouble and had no former experience with the law. I'm a hard-working person, not an addict or a criminal. I also volunteer in my community for Hospice and for a program working with grieving children. I was embarrassed, frightened, and worried about how this would affect my life and my work. Briteney was kind, kept me informed, explained the process, and made it the most comfortable experience possible under the circumstances. She got the best deal from the Prosecutor that we could have hoped for, but was also willing to go to trial if that was what I wanted. 

I hesitate in writing about this, but believe it's important. I kick myself now for it, but when I first saw her, I briefly had a very stupid, stereotypical concern. The concern was of her being too “legally blondish”, because she looks so young and pretty. It's especially bothersome because I'm a woman around the same age and can't stand this kind of thinking! But, I'm being honest and it did pop into my mind. If it pops into your mind, let it go! Once I sat down and talked with her, I felt silly for thinking it. And, now that my case is over, I KNOW how completely ridiculous that worry was. Briteney is a powerhouse. She's connected, informed, and is respected by her colleagues. Believe me, this beautiful woman is sharp, effective, and wise. She treated me with more respect and gave me more information than any of the other lawyers I spoke to, from the jump. There was no question after comparing all the attorneys that I met with, that she would work the hardest, was the most honest, and that she actually cared about me and my situation. She's out there breaking stereotypes, winning cases, and helping people like me…. And you, if you're smart.

– Anonymous